Chalk Cartel

Chalk Cartel

Sample Pack

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Sample Pack


A little dab'll do you!

Need to re-up but worried the DEA is onto you?
Try this 1oz/0.028g sample size of Guerrilla Grind. Guaranteed to help you send and avoid detection by the DEA, Postmaster General, and possibly your Mom.

  • Highest quality and purity climbing chalk (MgCo3) available on the market.
  • Free of drying agents, fillers, heavy metals and bogus proprietary claims.
  • Long lasting, improves friction by reducing sweat and moisture.
  • Mix of powder and chunks, ready to add to your chalk bag.
  • Developed by climbers for climbers.
  • Hand stamped Eco-friendly packaging that is good for the environment.
  • Includes 3 stickers!
  • Net weight 0.028kg/1oz.