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Chalk Cartel chalk has quickly skyrocketed to the top of my list! I used to hate chunky chalk because it never seemed to stick to my hands the way I wanted it to, but there’s something magical about the way these nuggets perform. It goes from a chunky coarse chalk, to a fine powder that seemingly lasts an entire, long boulder sequence. You definitely get what you pay for, I would recommend this to anyone!

I’m stoked with the product and stoked to have you guys in the shop! Thanks Brandi!

Andres Arriaga, Manager - The Wall Climbing Gym, Vista, CA

The Chalk Cartel might sound like a clandestine source for the white stuff, but the reality is, these guys provide a super high quality and consistent product that impresses our members especially for the price. As gym owners, we also like supporting companies who are transparent and socially and environmentally conscious. Chalk Cartel checks all those boxes without any pomp or circumstance, and the fact that we can order custom prizes inside the bags of chalk ads a dimension of value to us as a business that isn't available anywhere else. *Disclaimer* - Chalk cartel has been a kind sponsor several of our non-profit community events.

Nate & Nancy - The Arch Project Climbing Center, Waipahu, HI

You'll chalk up.
You'll send.
And then there is no turning back....the [Chalk] Cartel is for life.

Hunter Damiani - Boulder, CO

Some people say chalk is all the same. I think they are dead wrong. After climbing and hang board testing a lot of different chalks I feel that Chalk Cartel is as good as it gets. Drier and at the same time stickier makes a difference.

Dan Hare - Boulder, CO

The most important thing about the chalk that I use is the quality. That's why I use Chalk Cartel.

Ben Hanna - Santa Fe, NM

Working with Chalk Cartel has been a breath of fresh air in the climbing industry. As a gym owner, and avid climber of 23 years, I love everything about this product.

Their packaging is environmentally conscious; I love that Chalk Cartel thought about their impact on the earth before releasing a new product. Everything about the packaging is made from recycled materials, and can be recycled when you are done. The chalk itself has a perfect “grit” feel to it…..even on the hotter days of southwestern desert climbing. I know I can dump a quarter into my bucket and I will be set for several sessions of bouldering.

Another perk, as a retailer of Chalk Cartel, my customers get a prize in every package - just like Cracker Jack. Plus, they work with my gym to include special Focus Climbing Center branded prizes within select bags of chalk in each retail order. This makes a great bonus for my customers who buy Chalk Cartel from Focus.

This is the best chalk product on the market. Joe Czerwinski - Focus Climbing Center, Mesa, AZ

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