Chalk Cartel

Chalk Cartel

The Chalk Cartel Difference


Our chalk is high quality, high content magnesium carbonate, direct from the source.


You’ll pay 30% less for our performance chalk than other luxury brands.

Sustainable Packaging

Our kraft paper bags are made of 100% recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable.

Prize in Every Bag

Every Quarter bag includes at least one prize.


Guerrilla Grind

The Quarter

Performance Climbing Chalk

Prize in every bag.

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Guerrilla Grind

The Kilo

Performance Climbing Chalk

Free shipping on orders over $49.
FREE Lycan Brush with every order for a limited time.

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Our Mission.

Make high quality chalk available to climbers at an honest price. Use packaging that is sustainable and healthy for our natural environment. Put consumers first.

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